AEK Football team on our side!

Announcement from AEK Football team:

While the final countdown for our return to our original “home” is approaching, AEK is urging you to help find forever homes for the stray dogs of Nea Filadelfeia!

In collaboration with the Municipality of Nea Filadelfeia- Nea Chalkidona, the local Rescue Group (Filozoikos) and the Municipality Committee, we take the initiative to assist in the joint effort to manage the stray population of dogs in our area.

We invite our supporters to adopt and provide a loving home to one of the dogs currently living in the shelter of the Filozoikos team.
Your new best friend may be waiting for you in Nea Filadelfeia! You can change his life today!

Those interested can contact Ms. Anna Berdesi (contact no: 6934-874343), a representative of the Nea Filadelfeia council and Ms. Kiki Karathanasi (contact no: 6944-949741), the president of the Filozoikos’ team.

Together we can make this huge difference in the dogs’ lives but also show our support to Nea Filadelfeia!