Become their elf!

Christmas is approaching and although generally this is a time to enjoy friends and family, our shelter dogs are more lonely than ever!

The very few volunteers and visitors have their own personal or family obligations, adoptions will be significantly reduced and donations, due to the hard times we all go through, will be close to zero.

So again this year, we need your help to do our best so that our animals spend Christmas with their own family and those left behind to feel as much love as possible!

Pick a dog and become his Christmas elf!
Your mission is simple but so important: To promote its adoption until Christmas as much as you can in order to find a home!

What you have to do:
– Choose an animal from the album and send us a message to inform us in order to send you more details & a “representative” card
– Start sharing his or her album on facebook, other websites, tell your friends & acquaintances about him/her and do your best to find a family or help him any other way they can if he/she is not ready for adoption yet
– At the same time you can ask your friends to buy him/her a gift (eg. a new collar, medication if needed, food, toys etc)

If the animal you chose finds a home, then you will be sure that you did a great job as an elf!

And the animals that will not get adopted, this year they will not feel that lonely…

Their elves (ie you) can come during our Christmas Bazaar on the 10th & 11th of December and bring their gifts!
Every stray needs to have a home… and to have that, he needs you!

Pick a dog to represent: