Argos was found a while ago in a highway, trying to avoid the cars that were racing by. Although we found some postings on facebook about his previous whereabouts, we did not manage to find the truth about his life before he came to the shelter.

In any case, Argos is ready to leave his past behind, and of course so do we, and begin a new chapter of his life in a new loving home!

He is a sweet, senior dog, approximately 11-12 years old, that loves people and enjoys being around them.
He really loves his walks and, despite his size, is very easy to handle.

His test results show that he is healthy, and he only has the usual issues that come with old age.

If you believe you are the special person that will offer this dog, that still has so much life in him and so much love to give, a second chance, come and meet him!

He will be given neutered, vaccinated, with adoption contract, vaccination book and microchipped.
Contact no 6944949741