Bobby is a young dog that was found recently on the streets, very badly bitten by other dogs.
We took him in to take care of his wounds and to provide him the necessary treatment he needed.

We believe he used to live as a stray before that and being confined in a kennel certainly is not his thing.
He trusts and loves people, though, so we believe that he should have a chance to spend the rest of his life in a home, and not on the streets.

Due to his recent experience, he is very wary around dogs, but he is more relaxed around calmer female dogs.
He is very smart and mischievous, but at the same time cooperative and adjustable.

We believe the best environment for him would be a family with a calm lifestyle, without very young children or other pets (maybe a calm female dog could do).

Come and meet him!

He will be given neutered, vaccinated, with adoption contract, vaccination book and microchipped.
Contact no 6944949741