It has been 8 years since Elsa came to our shelter.

A relatively young dog back then, she had to be removed from the neighborhood she lived as a stray as she was shown guarding tendencies.
During her first years at the shelter, she was very difficult with people, if she did not like you… well she made sure to show that and you could not easily change her mind! 😃

She had chosen some volunteers she trusted completely, who walked her, took care of her but of course the hopes for adoption were slim to non-existent.
Apart from her issues with humans, Elsa did not get along with other animals and also had resource-guarding issues with her food, a problem that was managed successfully by the volunteers though.

Now that the years have passed, her previously brindle muzzle has become grey and her heart has also sweetened.

She now accepts all the volunteers but can also makes new friends quite easily, especially if she is offered treats, which she loves so much!
Of course, her strong spirit remains, and although she is not as active as before, you wouldn’t guess her age when seeing her out on a walk! 😃

We believe that it is finally time for our Elsa to find her home, after a lifetime of wandering the streets and living in kennels.

She does not need much… just a small space in a home of someone with a huge heart!

Elsa is about 11 years old and has slight health issues mainly due to old age.
She sleeps a lot, but she also likes to go on walks.

Needless to say that a potential new home should be an adults-only home, with no frequent visitors and no other pets.

We know that with all the info above, Elsa does not look like the ideal pet to adopt.
And the truth is that she may not have much to offer you.
Only companionship, gratitude and the feeling of knowing that you saved an old dog that no one ever wanted, from ending its life in the shelter.

If this is enough for you, Elsa and the volunteers will be waiting to meet you!
Contact no 6944949741

For more pictures of Elsa, visit her album on Facebook.