You all know Fabio.

He is the dog that was returned after being adopted 7 years ago.

When his story was posted in social media, he went viral.

A lot of people expressed feelings of compassion, rage and disappointment when they read his story.
Thousands of volunteers commented on it and hundreds shared it.

However, neither comments nor shares could bring Fabio what we all want.

He still stays with us as a stray dog once again with his cage being his only home.
Who really cares for a black, 11 year old dog ?
Even if he is the most loving dog, even if he walks perfect with his leash,
He still looks at people with his soft, lovely eyes, and is still waiting to find his own loving family
He is still waiting for a loving family to spend the rest of his life with hugs and a lot of love from the people who will adopt him.
This is not so difficult, you just have to come and meet him.

You just have to give him a second chance to live a new loving life by your side
If you are interested in adopting Fabio and love him forever, come and meet him!

He will be given with adoption contract, vaccination book and micro chipped.
Tel for adoption: 694 4949741


For more pictures of Fabio, visit his album on Facebook.