Another abandonment, once again a little creature is left tied somewhere while its owner hastily departs like a thief, leaving it to experience moments of tragic anxiety and panic.

Freddie, who has been with us for some time now, proves that those who want to abandon their pet do not discriminate in age, size, or breed; they simply abandon it coldly without a trace of sensitivity, without a trace of humanity.

During the veterinary check-up and sterilization, we learned that Freddie is a healthy dog of about two years. He exhibits the behavior of a hunting dog, being lively, playful, yet at the same time a tender and sociable little dog.

Perhaps Freddie was considered a defective tool by someone who needed to replace it, but for us, he is a precious, faithful friend who deserves to know that not all humans are the same. We will try to find the ideal family for him that will embrace him with respect and eternal love.

Freddie is looking for a home!
Microchip number: 900057602100011

Contact phone: 6944949741