During her life as a homeless dog, Frida has been through so much…

All the people that she met during her lifetime have treated her like a burden, like she did not matter…
She has lived 6 years in fear, with all the insecurities that come with abuse and neglect.
Fortunately, a while ago Frida was rescued by our volunteers and came to live at our shelter. She was completely terrified and panicked. It took her a long time to come out of her small dog house at her kennel when the volunteers were present but slowly she started to trust a few of them.

Now we are at a point where she can go for small walks inside and outside the shelter in the surrounding park with some of the volunteers, however she remains a very shy and insecure dog but without a mean bone in her body.

We hope that she will continue to trust and make progress.
A small step for her is a great win as it will help bring her towards her goal.. of finding a loving, understanding forever family.
We really hope that there is someone out there that will fall in love with her sweet and shy nature and that will offer Frida the life she deserves!

If you believe you are the special person that will offer this dog, a second chance, come and meet her!

She will be given spayed,vaccinated, with adoption contract, vaccination book and microchipped. Contact no 6944949741

Check out more photos of Frida on her facebook album