Platon is a lovely senior dog with the most impressive eyes in the world! <3

He was found on the streets and it seems that he didn’t have the best life so far. When he came in the shelter he got some much needed rest, he slept on the soft blankets the volunteers set for him and is now back on his feet, sweet as ever.
However the shelter is not a good place for an old dog like Platon.
We need to find him a new home asap! A loving family with a huge heart that will help this discreet grandpa spend his remaining years feeling loved!

He has some mobility issues with his hind legs, probably due to old age or an old fracture but he is otherwise healthy and enjoys going out on walks with the volunteers.

He seems indifferent towards other dogs but we believe he would prefer, if his new home has other pets, that they be of low energy. Due to his age, he probably wouldn’t enjoy being around very young children either. He is a sweet old boy, after all, that all he wants to do is relax and enjoy his people!

He will be given neutered, vaccinated, with adoption contract, vaccination book and microchipped.
Contact no 6944949741