Sindel was found in December 2013 in Nea Filadelfeia with a fractured spine. Fortunately, because of her young age, her progress was great and now there is nothing left to remind her of her adventure.
She is a dog full of life, friendly and affectionate with the people she knows!
She prefers meeting new people outside her area, as she is protecting it.

Her relationship with other dogs isn’t great as she sometimes tries to bully them, so we believe it would be best if she was the only dog in the house.

This wonderful girl, with the strong personality, has been waiting for 3 years to get adopted…

If you believe you can offer her everything she deserves, come and meet Sidel !

She will be given with adoption contract, vaccination book and micro chipped.
Tel for adoption: 694 4949741


For more pictures of Sindel, visit her album on Facebook.