Sign the petition to delay our eviction from the shelter!


We are very happy to announce that the Municipality just informed us that the extension we requested was granted!
This is not the end though, this is just the beginning of the difficult journey to try to find the best solution and location to relocate our shelter.
We want to thank all of you that were by our side. Now, we need you more than ever!



We are losing our home! We suddenly found out that our animal rescue group, Friends of Animals NF, has to evacuate its shelter in the Nea Filadelfeia park on 31/1.

Tranferring the animals to kennels is not an option. The new location where we are supposed to be transferred needs some time to get prepared. We ask to be given this much needed time. We ask to be given the opportunity to continue caring for our animals, the “difficult” ones, those who only know and trust specific volunteers, the abused ones, the sick ones, the abandoned.

In this fight, we need all of you by our side. Join us so we can be stronger.

We only ask for some time in order to continue our work in favor of the animals and our city.

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